Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Set Backs in Life

We all will run in to challenges in life that will test our will and our patience. Why is it that the challenges in life can create the most upheaval in our moods and routines? Change seems to be hard for us as humans to grasp a hold of unless we are accustomed and used to change on a regular basis. But, as we all know, challenge and adversity give way to strength and life lessons.

How is that some people are just more adaptable to change and are more patient with the tough stuff in life? I think we can all agree that living our lives in certain ways can add to or take away from our energy, outlook, and overall way of dealing with adversity. We can choose to approach things in a positive light or a negative light. It's our choice. I'm constantly trying to learn from others that are so adaptable to change and so flexible with challenges. I really strive to remain positive through adversity, and also keep in mind that I've never experience REAL adversity the way some have. I've been pretty fortunate and lucky in my life.

What do you find throws you off your game? How do you deal with the big challenges in life?
What do you consider a big setback? This differs with all of us as well.

Life is sometimes like a marathon. We have to keep our heads in a happy place to make it through the long haul. What I like to keep in mind is that there are always different approaches to the mundane and the common adversity in life. Why not take the road less travelled and even the higher road? We all know that's better for our mental and physical health anyway.

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