Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Entertainment Values on the Internet

Hey all,

I hope your week is going well after the Labor Day weekend. I know I was off to a slow start, but eventually found my speed again and got back in to the groove.

I have been contemplating the real values that can be found and had on the Internet. Lately, I have spent a lot of time browsing Hulu.com and finding some great shows, documentaries, and movies that are all free and "on demand." The reason I enjoy this more than usual is due to the recent decision that Evelyn and I made to cut our cable television all together and we haven't been happier about a decision in the recent past. This is not due to a financial strain or a need to cut bills, but more of a decision that we made based on our lifestyle. We want to save our money for more adventurous endeavors such as traveling, great food, and just saving. Being thrifty doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing at all. We have found that we now go to the library and read more, watch more shows or documentaries that are of interest and just convenience, which in turn feeds your mind even more. I've discovered that I'm a lifelong learner and I constantly yearn to learn something new. I really enjoy that I can go to Hulu.com and find these options.

Other great options for value on the Internet can be found at Netflix.com as well, which I'm sure everyone is familiar with. For minimal cost per month you can rent DVDs that are mailed directly to your house and you can also watch films online immediately on your computer as well. We set up my Macbook on a TV tray and enjoy whatever tickles our fancy within the realm of Netflix. Pretty cool.

I've spoke about the site that is Pandora.com as well. Another great site for free music that is determined by the artist, song, or style that you choose is LastFm. I alternate between these two sites and find that I'm rarely listening to my Itunes, except for the occasional desires to hear some obscure or random artist that I'm wanting to hear. There isn't much that I can't find on these two sites though, along with the great opportunities to hear other artists that I may have never heard of before as well. That's worth it's weight in gold right there. I love hearing new artists and these sites do a good job of throwing some variety (more so with LastFm than Pandora) so you can find new artists and new songs that you might also enjoy as well.

Feel free to share your discoveries with me and others as well. I love finding new sites that have great stuff that I might have missed.

Have a great week!

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