Sunday, September 13, 2009

Keeping True in Your Career

Happy weekend all. I hope your weekend has been enjoyable and relaxing!

I was riding my bike the other day, taking advantage of the thinking time that I get when doing so and another blog topic came to mind. I thought about how careers can change us and define who we are. I think some people get caught up in letting their career define them as a person and as a status level. I know that I've been guilty of letting my career mold me in the past. Now, it's a different story.

Something that I've learned through 8 years in the mortgage finance business: there is a corporate culture that is in place to define a certain way of business for it's employees in the 8+ hours that you're at your work place. This eventually becomes part of you. I have found that I can separate this culture now (wasn't always this way) when home and away from the work place. This becomes so important when you are in a relationship and have a family, friends, etc. It's easy to get caught up in our work and let it affect our moods and behaviors. This is one of those "delicate balances" that is something that we continue to learn about as we grow and age.

So, while riding my bike I made a personal goal for myself. To not let my career define me as a person and continue to be passionate about my hobbies and goals. I want to gain a positive balance in my work/home life and how my career(s) affect me as a person. Continuing to learn, read, play music, paint, travel, explore, and grow will continue to drive me on a personal level and I'll strive to keep at it.

Here's to your hobbies and goals and how you "balance" them. Have a great Sunday!


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