Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Some Thoughts on Good Neighbors

Happy Wednesday everyone (otherwise known as hump day)! I hope everyone is well today.

Having great neighbors has it's many myriad of benefits, not the least being kindness and help in times of need. Our neighbors are no exception, and in the 2 years that we've lived in our house, we've had the good fortune of getting to know all of our neighbors. We are lucky, I just want to preface with that.

We have a neighbor across the road that, should anything drastic happen or fail in the house, he's always been available to help. There really is no price for that and the amount of thanks never seems adequate. He enjoys it the same way I like to help people and I've come to accept that. Our neighbor right next door has become a pretty good friend and when he's in town (lately he's been traveling to Miami for work) we often will grill out and share dinners, etc. Occasionally I'll hop the fence and have a couple beers talking as well. Our other neighbors are all kind and we'll occasionally get an invite for dinner or to come over and have a beer. Some have even brought plants over for Evelyn because they know of her love of gardening and want to help her out.

In the past, I have been friends with my neighbors and even to the point of dog sitting for each other when we went on vacation or just out of town for the weekend, but we seem to have hit the jackpot with great neighbors this time around. One of the main reasons that we love our house so much is because of all of them. It makes living here that much better and you never have to worry about what you're neighbors are going to do, or think, or say. In fact, not once have I worried about this.

We're also not a "keep up with the Jones's" kind of neighborhood, which is also quite refreshing. I have no desire to keep with others' appearances, possessions, or whatever it may be, so this works out well for me. We enjoy a life of friends, family, and enjoyment in each other, so this all is great. Modesty is a quality that I never knew I enjoyed so much until we were surrounded by it. Good stuff.

Have a great rest of your week and happy October tomorrow!


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