Friday, September 4, 2009

The Human Element

Hey Everyone!

Hope you're having a wonderful Friday and you're ready for a 3 day Holiday weekend. I know I am. I've been battling a sinus infection that last week and am finally on the back end of it. You don't realize how much you appreciate being healthy until you aren't.

Which brings to my topic for today that I've been contemplating for a few days now. The importance of social interaction.

I like being independent and having the flexibility to work from anywhere, however, when I'm sick and can't really leave the house much, I tend to get lonely and crave human interaction. It makes me miss the office and the interaction that I have with other people when there. There are many ways that human interaction and friendships in general can be beneficial, but some of them include: keeping you challenged mentally and intellectually, challenging your vocabulary, inspiration for creative thinking, correcting and normalizing your thought patterns, creating a more positive mood (this can be negative also given the wrong group of people). This is a good article that talks about the benefits of human interaction as well and how it has many health benefits.

So, with this Labor Day weekend upon us, have fun interacting with the important human beings in your life. I hope your weekend is extremely enjoyable.


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