Friday, August 28, 2009

Being Content

Happy Friday Everyone!

Hope the end of the work week finds you well.

I've been reading and researching the phenomenon that is ever present in our American culture as of the last 2-3 decades: Consumerism. It's really got me thinking and self-reflecting regarding "how much is enough?" and "when do we become content?" I am reaching that peaceful ground as I approach the 30 year mark in my life and I'm realizing that I don't care about keeping up with the Joneses. I'm more concerned with socking money away for later and for the dreams that I want to pursue, such as traveling, spending long periods of time with family, and just being free with my time (the most valuable asset we have). I'm realizing quickly and repeatedly that time definitely is all we have and it's our most cherished "possession," whether we realize it or not. Making the best of it is really our only insurance for a better tomorrow and a more fulfilled life.

Obviously we all have choices in life and we all have paths that we've chosen, thus making the decisions that we make on that path appropriate or inappropriate in some cases. Do you find that you make "time" a priority and your relationships a priority? This is tough and requires a lot of self reflection. Sometimes I don't always want to look in the mirror and tell myself, "hey, you need to spend more time with the important people in your life, not the ones that won't be there when everything else falls apart."

On a lighter note, the final countdown to watermelon picking is very close. We're within a couple weeks of picking the big ones and we're going to have a whole lot of watermelons. Can't wait to share them with friends, neighbors, and family. Our cantaloupes are already ripening and I'm told they're some of the best around (I'm not a fan of cantaloupe, but am taking Evelyn's word for it). You have to love free watermelon at the end of the summer. Not much better in my book (all about the little things in life right?).

Have a great weekend and be content!


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