Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's Fun to be Frugal

Happy Saturday to everyone!

So, in the past I've talked about do it yourself projects and generally how much money you save by doing things yourself. I found another great article here that highlights some great things you can do yourself that save you money. These are basic at home projects that any hack can do and you'll see some dollars added to your budget. One of the things that was a stand out to me was the "rent don't buy" section. I think as consumers, we tend to think that we need to just buy that tool for a job that we're only going to use 1 time this summer, then relegate that tool to the shelf in the garage for the next 4 years, or until we move. That's probably not the most financially fit move you can make. Trying renting and you'll save space and money in the long term. Clearing your garage of clutter is never a bad thing either.

A couple other things that can save some cash that are easy to do on your own with regard to car maintenance:
  • Fill your tires with air every other time you get gas. This is one of the biggest drainers of gas mileage that you can have, not to mention contribution to the life of the tires as well.
  • You can change your own oil if you know how to unscrew the drain plug underneath your car, and if you have a drain pan (both are very easy and cheap). This saves me about $15 each time I change the oil.
  • You can wash your car yourself in the drive way. This one really adds up quick. Mike's Car Wash here in the Midwest is expensive. $7 for the basic wash and that doesn't really include any extras. I can wash my car for pennies at home. Buy the soap, a sponge, some Turtle Wax and you're good to go with minimal expense and effort. Sure it takes getting out of your car and some manual labor, but well worth it.
I was feeling frugal today and just thought I would share a bit. Hope this finds you all well.


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