Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Surfing in Indiana

I bet your laughing at that one.

If you know me, you know that I like water sports and especially surfing. I really enjoy it when I can get to a place that has big waves (read California, Central America, etc.) even though I'm really not good. I do enjoy being in the water though and the workout that comes with trying to put yourself up on a board on a wave and then continue to stay upright. Lately I've been wake- surfing behind boats here in Indiana since that has been my only real option close to home. Luckily I have friends that own boats and wake-surf boards, so I can stay practiced up fairly well. So imagine my surprise when I starting looking for cool places to surf around me and found Lake Michigan to be a hot spot. I know, crazy. Check this out though. Apparently there's a whole culture of surfers in the Chicago-land and northwestern Indiana region. I can't wait to get up there now and find out where these surfer dudes go.

The thing about surfing, and scuba diving for that matter, that really draws me back to the earth and how cool it really is. The power of the waves really push you along and keep you going on a small chunk of wood. I think I was just born to be a fish with no gills. I love the water and am drawn to it but I want/need a tank of oxygen, my swimming trunks, or a surf board to navigate it.

I found a pretty cool surf shop in the region of Southern Lake Michigan call Third Coast Surf Shop as well. They also have a cool video on their site that talks about the beaches in Chicago where you can now surf as well. Chicago...a surf town. Who would've thought? Check it out...

Surfs up.....Cheers!

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