Sunday, August 30, 2009

Libraries in the 21st Century

Hey all,

Happy Sunday to everyone and I hope you had a great weekend! We have beautiful weather here in Central Indiana right now and I'm just relishing the nice breeze blowing through the house with the windows open. I hate being cooped up all summer with the ac on because it's too hot. It's a catch 22; while I love the heat and the warmth of summer, I don't like the closed up feeling you get by running the air conditioning all the time. I guess that's the sacrifice we make for our creature comforts.

On a different note, I was browsing my libraries' website today and I absolutely love the fact that I can reserve multiple books and have them sent directly to where I want to pick them up, which happens to be the library directly down the road from my office. Very convenient and instead of perusing the shelves of the library, I peruse the online shelf and have them sent to a location convenient for me. Check it out in your town or if you live here in Indianapolis as I do, check out the link above and take advantage of the tax dollars that you spend to have this great resource. The fact that you can rent music Cd's, videos, movies, books, etc. makes it a very useful and productive resource that is not utilized nearly enough. We love our Netflix and the fact that we can watch movies instantly on our computer (replacing our cable TV bill that we dropped due to frustration with our local cable company + the ridiculous amount we were spending on TV = much happier people with "on demand" options).

I'm not saying that dropping your cable bill and relying totally on the library (and/or Netflix) is for everyone, but it's working for us and it gets us out of the house more, reading more, and talking more. All good things. We've just decided that we get more value from traveling and experiencing things tangibly. Scuba diving in the Caribbean is better to me in person rather than watching someone else do it on TV!

Hope everyone is well and you enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


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